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We Can Help You Overcome Different Debt Types

At SwiftDebtAssist, you can overcome many different types of debts. Mentioned herewith are a couple of debts that you can write off by applying for Debt Solutions with us.

Personal Loans


Credit Cards

Store Cards

Council Tax Debts

Benefit Arrears

Utility Bills

CCJ Debts

Tax Debts

Conditional Sale Agreements

Loans From Friends or Family

And More

Not Sure On How A Debt Reduction Plan Will Help You?

Here is an illustrative example of how we can help you with your issues by writing off your consolidated debts, and assist in bringing your finances back on track.

Presuming that your total debts are –

  • Unsecured Loans £11000
  • Overdrafts £2800
  • Credit Cards £2000
  • Utility Bills £1200
  • Other Debts £3000
  • Total £20,000

Your Monthly Repayments

Loan Tenure

24 Months

Monthly Payments


New Debt Total


New Monthly Payments



At SwiftDebtAssist, we understand how stressful your life must be when you have too many debts, especially if they are unaffordable. And so, we provide services where you can apply to avail services that can help you get out of debt in an easy and suitable way. The debt advisors in our network will study your entire situation along with your finances and will provide suitable debt help solutions from the various available options. By availing the right debt reduction plan from us, you can -

  • Seek debt advice from reliable advisors
  • Have your interest rates frozen
  • Make affordable repayments
  • Protect your assets
  • Manage your finances better
Submit Your Form

#1 | Submit Your Form

Completely fill in the online application form and submit it with the needed details.

Sort Your Issues

#2 | Sort Your Issues

Your form will be passed over to the debt advisors and they will discuss your issues with you.

Study By The IP

#3 | Study By The IP

A Licensed IP will study your financial situation and try to sort the issues with your creditors.

Debt Help Solutions

#4 | Overcome Your Debts

If 75% of the creditors agree with the debt solution, your unaffordable debts will be written off.

The Various Debt Management Programs

At SwiftDebtAssist, we understand that no two financial issues are similar, and so, the solution will not help to reduce debts either. Keeping this in mind, we provide various debt management services to suit the various debt issues. Here is a quick glance at the different debt solutions that we offer.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement


Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is an insolvency procedure wherein your debts which cannot be repaid by you as a whole can be written off. A licensed IP will analyze your issues and will sort them with the creditors. Upon agreement, only the affordable agreed upon amount shall be repaid to the lenders.

Debt Relief Order

debt relief

If you are residing in England, Wales, or in Northern Ireland, have a maximum debt of £20K with a relatively lower income, fewer assets, a leftover monthly disposable income of £50, and total assets valuing to a maximum of £1000, you can apply to avail the Debt Relief Order, and get relieved of your arrears.

Scottish Trust Deed

Scottish Trust Deed

Available in Scotland, the Protected Trust Deed is a legal agreement in between the debtors and the creditors wherein the assets of the borrowers are made available so that it can be used to repay the debts to the creditors. Lasting from a minimum of 4 years, the Scottish Trust Deed helps repay unsecured debts.

Debt Management Plan

debt management plans

To overcome all the debt-related issues in the UK, the government has legislated various debt management plans which can be availed suitably to help the debtors repay their unaffordable debts in a manageable and affordable way, by writing off debts and make reduced monthly payments.

Do I Qualify For Debt Help Solutions?

Before starting to apply for a debt relief programs, you need to make sure that you satisfy all the eligibility criteria. Although every debt management service and service provider have different qualifying benchmarks to be eligible to avail a suitable insolvency procedure, the most basic ones put forward by the UK Government include -

  • Age – Should be at least 21 years of age
  • Residency – Should be A Legal UK Resident
  • Address – Should Have A Permanent UK Address
  • Income – Should Have A Regular Income
  • Bank Account – Should Have An Active Bank Account
  • Bankruptcy – Should Not Have Been Bankrupt In The Past Year


Frequently Asked Questions

A Debt Management Plan is a strategic program that helps debtors reduce their burden of having unaffordable unsecured debts, and repay them to their creditors in a more affordable way. In the debt management programs, the IP’s sort your debt issues with your creditors to waive off most debts and reduce your monthly payments.

A successful debt settlement refers to a favorable debt management solution wherein the amount the debtor has to pay the creditor as repayment for the borrowed loan amount will be reduced directly. An IP on your behalf will negotiate with the creditors and will persuade them to decrease the debts that the debtor owes, and if the creditors agree, most debts will be written off, reducing the monthly payments.

The UK Government has put forward different debt management solutions to help debtors overcome their debts in a legal and manageable way. However, the debt solutions in Scotland are different from that of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Also, the debt reduction plans are legal programs that come with strict regulations, and so, it is essential for the debtors & the creditors to follow the orders according to the finalized debt solution.

The Debt Management Solutions in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland include –
• Debt Management Plan (DMP)
• Individual Voluntary Arrangement
• Debt Relief Order (DRO)
• Debt Consolidation
• Bankruptcy

The Debt Management Solutions in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are different from those in Scotland. In Scotland, the debt solutions include –
• Minimal Asset Process (MAP)
• Protected Trust Deed (PTD)
• Debt Arrangement Scheme
• Sequestration

For more help and advice, visit the Money Advice Service, an independent service set up to help people manage their money. Or find out more about the different options for paying off your debt here. IVAs are not available in Scotland. Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to